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Monday, 16 May 2016

Lush Rub Rub Rub Review

Summer is well on its way, so perhaps you are turning to the fake tan to give you that faux summer glow or instead getting your skin prepped for some real tanning time. Either way you are going to want to exfoliate your skin. Lush's Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub is an exfoliating shower scrub which can be used on wet or dry skin. Sea Salt, the main ingredient is a natural antiseptic as well as an exfoliant, and the lemon juice is designed to leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
To round up, this is a sea salt based scrub which when applied to wet skin has a slightly oil base to it, making it easy to massage into the skin. Rather than super scratchy, and bitty like some scrubs which are solely sea salt. With a fabulous scent, you would expect nothing less from lush with a combination of beachy vibes crossed with a fruity fresh scent.
Now this isn't some kind of heavy duty exfoliator, but personally I don't feel like I need that. I wouldn't use this to scrub off tan, however to prep your skin and smooth it out this is ideal. You aren't left red, and sore after using it but instead your skin feels smooth and free of any dry patches. I feel like sea salt gives people the impression its going to be very heavy duty, however as long as you realise this is not the case you will love this product.

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  1. This sounds lovely and the vibrant colour really appeals to me. thanks for sharing. I am addicted to exfoliating so finding gentle exfoliators is really key for me xxx

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