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Monday, 23 May 2016

NutiPlan Teatox Review

Teatox's are everywhere at the moment. I am very skeptical about them personally, as the ones plastering everyone's instagram feeds seem to be very celebrity endorsed which does slightly make me question how legit the enthusiasm for them is. I was kindly sent this NutriPlan Teatox, and thought I may as well give it a go.
It is important to remember that although often advertised for weight loss, this is usually as a result of your body being cleansed and detoxed, with your water weight often being lost which reduces bloating and leaves you looking slimmer. This isn't a permeant effect, and therefore this extra 'water weight' may still be gained however this is entirely natural.
I wanted to use this as a detox, to get an energy boost and just for the cleansed feeling. Perfect for using after a weekend of indulgence, or the morning after a night out. Of course its designed to be used for seven days in a row, but you can do whatever suits you.
Herbal and green tea is something which I have been loving drinking lately, so I have really been enjoying drinking this morning and night. There is a lot of negativity surrounding the tastes of these detoxs however this one does taste very tasty, with a slight fruity taste as well as the classic green tea flavour.
This left me feeling energised, and less bloated. You know that feeling when you are just feeling really meh, well this completely rewrites this leaving you feeling ready to go, and detoxed. As I said I wasn't using this particularly for weight loss, more just to cleanse and to give my body some rejuvenation which is certainly did.
I would look to use this more in the future, and even try some more detoxs but purely for the cleansing rather than weight loss.
This teatox also retails for only £8.99 which is so affordable compared to some of the bigger brands, so well worth a try.

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  1. I'm a big fan of teatoxes. This one looks great. It's so affordable, too!


    1. Yes so affordable, some of the ones out their are so overpriced xx


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