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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tips To Grow Your Pinterest Following

Pinterest is my new obsession. I have been pinning the whole time everything from makeup looks, to delicious cakes to fitness inspiration and interiors. Literally everything I like, is being pinned. As a result of this, I have gained a serious amount of followers, in a very small amount of time in my eyes. I thought I would share some tips with you, on growing and making the most out of pinterest. Also, make sure your following me @oisforottilie GoGoGo!!
1. Pin like crazy, and don't stop. ever. Just keep pinning, everything you like, love, aspire to be or just think is cute, looks delicious or is a work of art and just about EVERYTHING ELSE. For some crazy reason, the more you pin the more your followers grow. I was do no promotions, simply pinning and I started gaining hundreds of followers a day. No joke. Never have I had a social media platform grow so fast.

2. The More, The Merrier. There is no such thing as too many boards, something which I used to be very aware of was keeping my pinterest very precise in terms of the range of things which I pinned. However now I pin everything and anything that I love the look of, leaving me with a range of boards which are still vaguely related but appeal to a larger audience, allowing you to gain a larger range of followers.

3. Secret Boards. When I start pinning a new board, I like to keep it secret initially so I can really establish it and make sure it has more than a couple of images pinned. By doing this I find people are more likely to follow it when I click publish, because there is actually something to follow and the content is quality and established.

4. Original Content. If your a blogger, have a passion for photos and a beautiful instagram or just want to get your content out there. Pin your own stuff, either directly from your blog or upload your images onto pinterest and make sure you give them a good caption, and include any essential links.

5. Share The Love. Follow boards, pinners, topics anything you want to see on your feed. The more you follow and interact with, the more they will follow back and you will stand out. It's not all about have a good 'ratio' of followers to following. Follow the things you want to see, the numbers aren't everything.

I may not have the biggest Pinterest following, but these are a few tips which I have picked up along the way. Make sure you go follow my pinterest, @oisforottilie as I do pin a lot!

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  1. Great tips! I love Pinterest but I find I just scroll through it rather than actually pin things. I'll definitely try these tips. I want to grow my Pinterest audience since I really feel it could benefit my blog | Bloglovin’ 

    1. Pin as much as you can, thats the one thing which really helped to grow my pinterest xx

  2. I'm the same, pinning everything & anything I love! I've been restricting my pins to 5-6 per time though so I don't end up spamming people's timelines as that can get annoying. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. OH thats very restrained, I should probably consider that. I do not hold back with my pinning xx

  3. Thank you for the tips! I've been wanting to up my pinterest game lately but my lack of pinning isn't exactly taking me anywhere, so I think I just simply need to start pinning more! :)


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