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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Soap and Glory Top Picks: Bath & Body

Soap and Glory, recognised for their iconic bright pink packaging and extensive range of bath, body and skincare products. With such a huge, extensive range it is hard to know where to start. Especially when all the products, look and smell amazing! Today we are focusing in on their body range, and sharing my top picks from my collection.

The Righteous Butter, I wrote an entire review on just how amazing this one is. It has a beautiful scent, and the product is very thick however sinks into your skin fast and leaves you feeling super moisturised, and not at all sticky. As with all Soap and Glory products, they aren't overly fussy, they all do the job but after all this is what you want in a product. Nice packaging and scents are added bonuses in my eyes.

Hand Food, who thought I'd be someone to use hand cream? It was a shock to me too. But I have actually become addicted, this stuff is something else. I remember as a child using my mums hand creme and then hating that slightly damp feeling your left with, being to afraid to touch anything incase of transferring it or even worse getting some kind of fluff or dust stuck to you. Of course Soap and Glory's Hand Food does not give me this issue at all, hydrating and fast drying which is ideal in a hand cream. It does have quite a strong scent, but that doesn't bother me one bit. Again it does the job, and it does it really well. One thing to be aware of however is that the full size tube is quite big, so not really ideal to carry around but they have a travel size option which is ideal for your handbag and this is better situated on your desk or beside your bed.

Instant Sunkissed Skin Tint Body Lotion, I have read about instant tan everywhere but have never actually owned any. The closest I've got is a tan that develops in a hour, however this one literally goes on and your tanned- then you shower and its gone. Well kind of gone, it does leave a little hint of colour which I don't mind at all. But this is such an essential product, for those days when you don't realise you are suddenly going to have your pale legs on show- slap some of this on. Or to cover tanning mistakes, you know when you leave it all to the last minute and there is no time for another whole layer of tan this can be used to correct those slight hiccups.

The Scrub of Your Life, a thick formula with little beads running through that gives your the exfoliation and scrub part of this product. Perfect for removing any kind of fake tan, leaving your skin feeling beautifully soft and free of any kind of rough skin. This scrub isn't as harsh as some of the salt scrubs, and actually foams up when being used and really gives your skin that extra bit of glow.

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  1. I love love Soap Glory; the body butter is fab xo

    Emily |

  2. I love the S&G Scrub of your life too, it's amazing.


  3. YAY for soap & glory! Their classic Original Pink range smells so nice! x

  4. I love my hand food! I really want some more products from S&G, especially since I got pregnant and now have a huge obsession with bubble baths. I'm feeling some pamper time is needed!

    Just Little Things xx

  5. I love Soap & Glory, I tried so many products from them and they never fail to please me. However, I haven't tried any makeup, only skincare products!



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