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Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Wardrobe Crisis

What a lovely photo, you must be thinking. So artistically presented, and well organised you may say. Yes I am totally aware that I just grabbed a bunch of clothes, piled them up and snapped away. Nothing special here, what I was trying to depict was the moment that I had a wardrobe meltdown and covered my entire room in little piles of clothes, to keep, sell, bin, charity shop, stash away just incase. I had a wardrobe meltdown, and although slightly humours at the time it has really made me think.
My style is pretty simple, I have a few outfits that I tend to rotate and then the rest of the clothes which I own are just left sitting in the drawers. Clothes which I haven't worn for years, but for some reason or another cannot bring myself to chuck out. I have clothes which I distinctively remember buying over three years ago, surely my style has changed since then.

I have an interest in fashion, and I know the style I want to wear. The type of clothes, but I just don't own a huge amount of these ideal clothes. My wardrobe is an odd combination of clothes, which I like and will happily wear but they do not express the style I want at all. does this even make sense?

So one day, I just did it. Ruthlessly chucked and emptied my drawers. Anything which hadn't been worn for ages, is a bit old, or just isn't me anymore is gone. Leaving me with a very minimal selection of clothes, and I could in fact chuck more but I do need something to wear. I am left with the skeleton of a wardrobe, and from here I am aiming to develop my style how I want. Keep it more to a capsule style of wardrobe, as I like simplistic looks.

I haven't bought anything as of yet, partly because I am on this fitness mission so I am going to reward myself with new clothes, and because of Australia I basically need to buy clothes for that as currently I own no shorts, one skirt and a lot of jeans and thick jumpers.

I am currently selling a lot of clothes over on depop my username is @sandfordtwins please go check it out, make me offers- I want everything gone so now is the perfect time to grab a bargain.

So apart from a lot of waffle, what I am trying to say is that sometimes you need to have a clear out. Ruthlessly chuck away everything and start again, its refreshing and trust me you don't miss the clothes you chucked because you never wore them anyway.

Have you ever had a wardrobe crisis? Any tips on developing your own style?

Heres a new blog for you to check out, Love Yourself Beauty.


  1. I just had a clear out of my wardrobe and I had to tell myself pretty much the exact same questions, even though it's still quite full. It's a lot less cluttered.


  2. i never stop buying clothes and that is the question that i should be asking myself too! x

    jess x |

  3. I did a wardrobe clear out last year and donated, sold or chucked out a lot of stuff. I then told myself that I didn't need anymore clothes as I had enough. I didn't take my own advice so you can imagine that I am now in the same position I was a year ago :). You are right it does feel good to have a clear out every now and then.

    Denise xx

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