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Monday, 23 November 2015

5 Things You Learn From a Social Media Break

I wrote about my break from the Internet back in this post, and if I'm honest since then I have gone on to buy myself and iPad and a new iPhone slightly contradictory to myself I know. However they all sort of have good reasons behind them. From my break from the Internet, which I am still having while I write this- however when this post goes live I'll be back to my smartphone way of life, although improved and less addicted of course.

1 YOU DONT NEED IT | trust me you don't, like what does it matter what latest selfie Kyle Jenner has posted, or the most up today rants and raves of someone's very ordinary and everyday life? Are you really that interested? The answer is 100% no I will promise you that, it may be something to fill time or nice to know what's going on. It you don't need it.

2 IT DOESN'T GO ANYWHERE | this links with the first point, but you don't need to be checking Instagram every half an hour what was posted will mo go anywhere. Your not missing out, everybody tells you to be careful what you post on the Internet because it doesn't ever leave which is true. So why not wait till later to have a catch up and enjoy the moment? It'll be there when you return.

3 PEOPLE CAN BE NASTY | you don't really learn this from having a break, just from using the Internet full stop but people are. They are just so bored that they used their time to make rude or uncalled for comments which can upset people, but are just annoying. Please ignore these people firstly, and secondly make sure you're not being one. If you don't like something, don't stay anything. It's better to say something nice, and if your not going to just don't say it at all and keep it to yourself.

4 IT IS A NEGATIVE PLACE | now I will admit I can do this, but people often take to the internet (especially twitter) to rant about their, (if I'm honest) mundane problems which can often have a negative impact on your thoughts for the day. Surrounding yourself with negativity is going to reflect on you, so better to avoid it as best as possible.

5 IT'S ADDICTIVE | you sort of don't realise it till you stop having it, like most addictive things I guess. You knows it's there and something may have happened so it's worth a quick check, but in reality your either feeling awkward alone of public transport we've all been there or just out of boredom. When you start scrolling through Instagram, refreshing and refreshing and nothing new appears your getting to a bad level. This links into the other previous points, that it can wait, it's probably negative, and you probably don't need it.

This post may seem like I'm slightly against the Internet, and social media. However I am far from it, I love it and understand the amazing benefits of it. Just feel like people need to step back, have s bit of an Internet detox and come back down to reality. Appreciate what really matters, social media is an amazing thing when used in a self controlled way, just like the Internet.

Have you ever had a social media detox? Would you be able to take a break from the Internet?


  1. I agree with what you say. Social media can be a nasty place to be if you use it the wrong way. Being way too addicted and checking it every 30 sec is a bit too much.
    I know that sometimes I can be a bit crazy and if I have a day off, I might most of the day be on my laptop or checking my phone. But this mostly happens when I am putting a lot of effort into my blog.
    Apart from that, I can quite get away with social media - when I am not talking to my mom on skype (but this is a good reason!)

    Again, I agree with all you say and I believe that every now and then, maybe once a week, people need to take a break from social media and enjoy life - a walk in the park, watch a film with your other half or simple just do nothing but relax without worrying too much about your instagram feed, snapchat or twitter. xx

    Lisa's World

  2. I feel everything you said. I'm not enamoured with social media, but it's pretty much necessary these days. Still, I try not to let it run my life :) x

    Martha Jane |


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