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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Crazy Angel Kiss Me Gift Set

Crazy Angel are a tanning brand which I have reviewed before on blog, and use a lot of the time. I find their products very reliable, and can count on them to leave me beautifully bronzed. They have bought out some amazing gift sets, one of which is this Kiss Me set including the Midnight Kiss Self Tanning Lotion and Supreme Goddess Tan Extender.

The Crazy Angel Midnight Kiss Self Tan is an 8% DHA Lotion, which is the amount of actual tan in the product- the higher the percentage the darker the tan. I had no idea about this, or the difference it makes but this is branded as a Dark Lotion rather than a medium shade.
This product does come with a guide colour, and when initially applied it does turn your skin very dark from this guide colour. I wasn’t quite expecting it to be that dark but don’t let that put you off. The lotion has a relatively thin consistency, and as with all my tan I applied this with a mitt. Left to develop over night by the morning the slight fake tan smell has started to creep through the original fruity scent of the lotion, but is much better than a lot of tans I’ve tried.
Once showered off the guide colour you a left with a lovely, bronzed tan. It isn’t too dark to become unnatural or overly obvious and providing that you didn’t miss any patches when you applied it, you are left with an even tan.
I love the idea of tan extenders, and the Supreme Goddess Tan Extender is no different. Designed like a moisturiser with a slight tanning agent in  it, adding that extra glow to your skin. Keeping it looking bronzed, and well moisturised. This isn’t a tinted moisturiser as such, as it doesn’t make a huge difference to the darkness of your tan just keeps it look beautifully flawless, and means that you can last longer between having to redo your tan. I love using this to top my tan up before I go up, so I can get the tanning done a day before.

This gift set would be the perfect present for any tanning lovers, or something to treat yourself to. Crazy Angel have a huge range of tanning products which are worth checking out.


  1. That nail polish shade looks really pretty

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I have never heard of that brand. Maybe it is time to give them a go!

    Lisa's World


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