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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Hand Luggage Beauty Essentials

Depending on how long your flight is will depend how much you want to take in your hand luggage. I see some people will masses of little travel bottles full of different things, and if you feel like you need this much then that's find however I take a more practice approach of what do I actually need. There are so many restrictions, and although they are basically all the same some times I've flown they've changed slightly.

I never fly with makeup on, however if you do or at least arrive to the airport with makeup taking some makeup remover will be really handy especially on a long haul flight you don't want to sleeping for 9 hours with your makeup on.
Moisturiser is an absolute essential, make sure it's the most moisturising moisturiser you have.  Planes make your skin so dry, I think it's the air conditioning but it's so important to keep your face especially moisturised. I know some people like to do some kind of sheet mask while on long flights, I personally don't but I could understand why you would want to.
Linking into the point before, a good lip balm to keep your lips moisturised and stopping them drying out. I love this one from Herpatch*. Which also prevents any kinds of cold sores, providing extra protection for your lips.
Deodorant/ perfume is something I personally like to have just so I can freshen up after sitting around in the same clothes for how many hours. Make sure you get a mini though, and that its under 100ml otherwise it may not he allowed.
If your going on an overnight flight, toothpaste and toothbrush are key. Failing this gum will also work, but it's a good way to freshen up and get over that slightly sleepy daze you may be in.
For me that's about it, I try to limit the amount of liquids I take on board for fear of any kind of spillage or explosion in my mini plastic bag. I know some people like to take some makeup, however travelling makeup free is the way for me.
What are you hand luggage beauty essentials? Where would be your dream holiday destination?

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