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Monday, 2 November 2015

Handbag Beauty Essentials

I'm not the kind of person to be carting round an entire face of makeup, how in my attempt to be slightly more organised I have put together a little pouch of beauty essentials which I can move from bag to bag. This way I know I will always have what I need on me, and instead of having loads of bits floating around in the bottom of my bag I have what I need ready to go.

As we are going into winter protecting my skin, and lips is so important as they can both get so dry. Especially your lips which can get cold sores, and crack which nobody wants! To protect my face, and any other dry skin I use this First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. I absolutely love this stuff, I actually have a sample size but its been lasting me ages. Its super moisturising and is so handy to have on me, especially no makeup days I like to keep my face extra hydrated.
For my lips I have been loving using Herpatch Prevent Stick*, its a cold sore prevention balm as well as being super moisturising and protecting your lips all year round. I am applying this the whole time, I get cold sores all the time during winter especially so using this prevents and heals them. I love how it feels on my lips, and it works so well preventing those nasty cold sores and keeps my lips moisturised all day long.
In terms of makeup, I don't like to take much with me. Expect I switch up my lipstick of choice, or just have one left it there which at the moment is MAC Whirl lipstick. I am trying to prevent a build up of lip products in my bag, because usually I have loads floating about the bottom. Along with my lipstick, I have a mascara as I find that if I'm having a no makeup day and suddenly decided to go somewhere, or do something where I want to have a tiny bit of makeup mascara is my go to.
Its also handy to have some hair grips, as well as some hair bands ideally as I usually start the day with my hair down and within the first hour want to tie it up and get it out of my face so these will forever be handy.
Lastly some paracetamol, or something similar. I always need one of these and usually I don't have one, if you get any kind of pain or headache its so annoying if you just can't do anything for it. Plus if your out with friends, you never know who might need one.

What are you handbag beauty essentials? What's your favourite lipbalm?


  1. that shade of mac lipstick is gorgeous! lovely post as always. id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. The repair cream is a must!
    Jabeen x

  3. Loved this post! A handbag essential for me this winter is going to be my mini Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, it saves my lips in this weather.

    alice x // beautybyalicee

  4. That Mac lipstick is beyond beautiful! I'm the same, carrying around a full bag of make up is just not for me - more for the fact i forget where I've put it! My handbag essential is my little roll on perfume from Zara, its tony and so it fits in your bag, and even if I'm having a gross day, i can't stand not putting on perfume!


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