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Saturday, 21 November 2015

MAC Stone & Self Aware Lipstick Review

MAC Lipsticks are my weakness, and while I would love to own them all I am currently building up my collection in a more controlled manor. I recently post a MAC Lipstick Collection, before I bought these two additions so if you’re interested in the others I own you can check that out. While in America, I bought two MAC Lipsticks along with a whole load of other stuff, check out my Sephora Haul. MAC Lipsticks are so much cheaper over there, I just couldn’t resist Stone and Self Aware.

Stone is part of the Matte Collection which they bought out in the summer, adding loads of new shades to their permanent line. I already owned Whirl, which was one of the most hyped about of the new lipsticks and Stone was also very highly awaited and I fell for the hype and had to have it. The greyish brown tone lipstick, is so unlike anything else I own but now a firm favourite. I know MAC Matte lipsticks can be a bit hit and miss with just how drying they are but Stone applies smoothly, leaving an even coverage and of course once its applied it does not budge.
Self Aware is from the MACnificent collection and has an amplified finish, not one which I have ever tried before. Described as a coffee nude, this is creamy but not too creamy that its sliding all over the place. It is so comfortable to wear, and has such a nice glossy finish while still being very pigmented. The shade is a very brown nude, however light and for people with darker more olive skin tones this could wash you out slightly, still worth a try though. On my paler skin tone however this looks amazing, and is quite a neutral nude for me.
What's your favourite MAC lipstick? 


  1. I have never heard of Self Aware! Such an interesting color. Honestly, I love the formula & variety of Mac lipsticks.

    Wendy |

  2. my favourite MAC lipstick has been Whirl, definitely!
    These two that you are sharing do look very interesting though! xx

    Lisa's World

  3. Ive been dying to get my hands on Stone for ages, but it's sold out everywhere! I'm loving Sin at the moment xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle


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