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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Topshop Doe Eyed Lashes

From what I have tried I love Topshop makeup, when I won Corrie's giveaway I was so pleased to be given the opportunity to try products which I otherwise wouldn't have picked up. The Doe Eyed Lashes Mascara is one of these, but I absolutely love it. 
The Doe Eyed Lashes Mascara has an hourglass shaped wand, now that I think of it very similar to Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. The bristles are the perfect size, to completely coat your lashes in mascara while separating them to prevent them clumping. It has the blackest colour, which lengthens and voluminises your lashes. It gives you such an amazing finish, and you can build it up to have more impact if you prefer thicker lashes. It doesn't flake at all, something which I've found with a lot of mascaras and it lasts all day holding a curl. 
I am so impressed by this mascara and will repurchase it for sure once it's finished.
Have you tried anything from topshop beauty? What's your favourite mascara?


  1. The applicator brushes looks really cool

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. This sounds really good, I really need to try more things from the Topshop beauty range!

    Rambling Makeup


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