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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

New York Makeup Haul: Sephora, Kat Von D, Nars & More

I have returned from my trip to New York which is amazing, I'm currently writing this post on the plane home- trying to get ahead of myself with written content. I had such an incredible time, and of course made full use of the shopping, especially Sephora which I was so excited about. 
I think I made about three trips to Sephora on separate occasions where I actually bought anything, however I was desperately hunting down Champagne Pop and went into every single one I passed to ask if they had it- it was no where to be found sadly but I did get some other amazing products. I tried to limit myself to only buying things which aren't available I'm the UK, or are very tricky to get hold of. My only exception were a couple of things which were do much cheaper, I just couldn't resist.

Kat Von D is a brand that was top of my list, so tricky to get hold of and a brand I hadn't tried a single from before. I started by picking up the Shade and Light contour palette, I knew I wanted this before I went so this was the first thing I grabbed. On my last trip to Sephora I decided instead of any other brand like Nars, and Tarte which you can get in the UK I would pick up more from Kat Von D, the Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette I saw on my first visit and after a few days of thinking about it I decided that too had to be coming home with me. I save Michelle from Beauty Life Michelle talk about the lipstick set, containing one full size limited edition lipstick as well as seven other mini lipsticks. Something a little different but I am so pleased I picked it up. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills is the other brand I knew I had to try, even though it is getting slightly easier to get hold of it is still a lot cheaper over there. Of course I got the much talked about contour kit, I know two contour kits but what can I say! I have wanted this since it came out, but I'm so glad that I waited as it works out so much cheaper. Since my eyebrows are my pride and joy, I had to get some brow products so I picked up both the brow pomade as well as the brow wiz. 

NARS, of course you can get this in England but it is slightly cheaper and I was spooling myself so I picked up Laguna bronzer, another product I've wanted for a long time and I am so happy to finally own it. The lovely girls in Sephora were also kind enough to give me my birthday gift, as I wouldn't get another opportunity to get it when it was actually my birthday. A duo of mini Lip pencils, a red and a nude both of which will get lots of use from me. 

MAC, now I know I could get this anywhere but there were just a couple of things on my list. Starting with lipsticks, Stone is a shade which has intrigued me ever since it came out. It seems to look very different on different people, or from what I've seen. I'm so glad I now own it though because I absolutely love it. The second lipstick I picked up in the airport just before flying back, spending the last of my dollars this one is limited edition and is called Self Aware. Finally this highlight in Oh, Darling again is limited edition and it just so beautiful once I saw it I knew that I had to have it. 

Marc Jacobs, one of my mums friends who we met up with out there works for Marc Jacobs and very kindly after seeing my blog brought me a few makeup bits. I am so grateful for this, it's all so beautiful and like nothing I own. I got two nail polishes in oui and cora. As well as the lipstick in such a beautiful pink shade which I have forgotten the shade of, look out for the review if you want to find out. They beautiful, and you'll be seeing them a lot more. 

NYX, last but not least I only got two things from NYX purely because I didn't really have a list of things which I wanted and preferred to invest in more of the high end makeup. However I did get the HD concealer in 02 and corrective yellow, I haven't tried it yet but have heard great things. 

I am so happy with everything I bought, it was so hard to choose what to get there was just so much I could of bought. All of these products will be featured a lot more on my blog, so look out for reviews. 


  1. Wow this is such an impressive haul! I'm so jealous!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  2. I love America for hauls like this, and love it even more so, that it all isn't available here, so a little exclusive for us! I love the Kat Von D things you bought! Hope you swatch them soon :)

  3. You will love the MAC highlighter it's one of my favorites. Amazing haul by the way, I love seeing new products.

    ♥ // Perfect Shade of Mauve

  4. OMG this makes me want to do a sephora haul so bad!
    Jabeen x

  5. Wow!! What an amazing haul, I am so jealous! All really good buys as well, it sounds like although you did splash the cash you were fairly sensible so well done for that. I know how hard it is to restrict yourself in Sephora - I had to be practically dragged out when I was in Paris, haha!

    Teri-May xx


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