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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Ear Piercing Jewellery from Body Jewellery Shop

 When I first got my ears pierced I used to regularly change them, and collect up earrings like nobody’s business. Now however I’ve given up slightly, not really changing them up all that often. But at the same I don’t have a huge selection anymore, and have my go to pairs which I tend to just never take out. Wanting to change this up I picked out a pair from BodyJewellery Shop, where along with jewellery for just about any part of your body they also have some great ear piercing jewellery. I have a particular pair of earrings to show you today, and I will link some more which I love at the end.

I chose the Black Surgical Steel Crystalline Jewelled EarStuds* which really appealed to me because of the simple design, with the black crystal in the center and the ring of silver ones around the outside. Completely appropriate for everyday, but also look fab on a night out. Subtle, but still classy with the crystals and simple design. Having sterling surgical steel earrings means that they will not react, you know how some metals react with some people. Well if I'm correct you'll be safe with these!
What are you everyday earrings? Where do you like to buy jewellery from?

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