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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Primark Nude Fashion Nails

 I miss my acrylics, but they are just so damn expensive. I hardly ever have that kind of money spare, especially with my uncontrollable shopping habit. These stick on nails from Primark cost only £1, and for me they are the perfect solution. Till my nails grow, which is something I'm working on.

 The first thing I want to say is how nice is the length of these nails, most of the false nails you see are crazy long and just so unrealistic. Especially for us nail bitters who aren't used to having nails and are constantly catching them on things.

You get a set of 24 nails, which means you are guaranteed to find a set which all fit your nails perfectly. It also comes with glue along with instructions. It really couldn't be any simpler, find a set which fit your nails, I recommend you lay them out in the right order, cover your nail in glue and stick the nail on. Done, a fresh new set nails.

The glue is pretty good, I often find myself catching the nails on something but that is just down to me not being at all aware of the fact I have them and if it does pull one off I just stick in back on again. I have even taken all of these off, kept them and put them back on again. I use the Primark glue but recently I got another set of nails which came with a larger bottle of nail glue which I also use especially if I am reusing them and run out of the original nail glue.

I love nude nails at the moment, but something I like to do is to paint them if there is a specific colour which I want however in store they do have a massive range of nails, some with patterns and some with just block colours.

I cannot get enough of these nails, I really want to go back and pick up loads of sets and start a bit of a stash so I can wear them the whole time.

Have you tried any Primark nails? What are your favourite false nails?



  1. I've tried these once for a party, and while I agree that the sizing of them is great, I found Primark's glue too weak for the nails to last! By the end of the party I'd lost two, and pulled the rest of them off on the way home. Maybe I just got a dodgy batch? I'd love to try the nails again, especially some of the funky patterned ones, but with a different glue!

    1. I think the glue is a bit hit and miss, but because the nails are so cheap I don't mind having to buy some separate glue to insure they stay stuck xx

  2. £1??? madness I might grab some today x
    Claire @

    1. I love them, and there is so many of them to choose from. If you want to wear them a lot you might want to pick up some different glue as I said it can be a bit hit and miss xx

  3. these look so good, and wow on the price x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah


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