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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Black & White Hair Dressing Pomade*

 A hair pomade is new to me, I've never used anything too exotic on my hair to try and style it just endless products desperately trying to control the frizz. This Black & White Hair Dressing Pomade* is designed for both men and women, to help style and hold your hair.

I wasn't entirely sure on how to use this at first so I just went with the trail and error method and gave it a go. This is a product I originally thought would be designed for men, however it is for men and women and I wanted to find a way to get this to work for me. Black and White Hair Dressing Pomade is so easy to use and I just warmed it up between my fingers before applying it to my hair. Its so good for helping to keep styles in place, especially if you want something defined or your want the sleek smooth look. Other people who have used this product also said that they liked it to use to define curls- so for your curly girls out there who want some more definition this is for you.
I am still giving this product a go, but let me know if you have any ideas of how I could use this.


  1. love love love hair pomades! i like to take some in the palm of my hands, work it in between my hands and put it all over. gives a really nice, textured look!

    brooke | brooke elise beauty

    1. this is how I have been getting the best results, adding a bit of texture xx

  2. Never ever used hair pomade, sounds very interesting! My hair doesn't need much styling, but maybe I should try it out...x

  3. This looks good. I usually hair pomade to control my edges and to help hold my hair in place. Have seen this one about. Will definitely be trying x

    ExoticKissesz/UK Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  4. The Mail Room Barber Co. was formed by Robert Watkins, a Master Barber in Florence, South Carolina, to create a pomade for men platform to raise awareness for the fight against human trafficking and give support to a community of people who are dedicated to living life intentionally, making every effort to end social injustices around the world.


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