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Friday, 13 February 2015

Beauty || Cohorted: Cult Beauty Powered By You

 Cohorted, a website which I have been loving for ages and have meant to do a post all about it for ages. However recently they had a massive overhaul, completely redoing there website and in a way reinvented the brand introducing loads of new things and changing everything up. Basically for those of you who don't know Cohorted means discounted makeup, and you can guarantee any chance to grab a bargain I'll be there.

Cohorted is 'the destination for cult beauty at fairer prices', if you want to know more about what they say about themselves have a look here. They sell beauty, skincare and accessories cult products at reduced prices and have such an amazing range, from Dior to MAC as well as a couple of bits from Maybelline and an amazing place to get Real Techniques at reduced prices.
So all of the products are reduced, now what makes it such a unique website is the Cohorts. There are 6-8 Cohorts and they last for two weeks, or until the stock runs out. They have a larger discount on top of the original discount so its an even better deal. There is a limited amount of them at this price though so I would buy quickly if there is something that you want, because I have missed out a couple of times.
They have also released a Beauty Box which are selling so quickly, this months boxes were all sold out before I even had a chance to grab one. I think all of the March pre-orders have already sold out too, but I don't know if more will be available so keep an eye on that.
Nobody used to know about Cohorted but recently it seems to have become so popular, I really recommend you check it out if your looking for a bargain.

Have you ever used Cohorted?

note: this post has not been sponsored.


  1. I do love Cohorted! I have been buying from them a while now and I am excited with the new site! I didn't manage to get the Feb box, but got the March one :)

    1. I know its such a great website, lucky I didn't get either of them xx

  2. I've never heard of them, but if it's discounted beauty I'll have to have a look! I love the idea of Beauty Boxes, but I don't think I'll ever get one. I have too many products as it is!

    1. You should check them out, its one amazing site! xx


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