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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Beauty|| February's Makeup Bag

 This is a new series which I am planning for my blog, now I have a more than average makeup collection I want to make sure I use all of the products, by swapping them around in my makeup bag. Because I leave the majority of my makeup in my drawers at home I don't have access to it day to day while I'm at school so each month I want to swap around my makeup bag, that ensures I get enough use out of all of my products.
Starting with February's makeup bag, I have what I would call my fail safe makeup options that if I'm in a rush I will instantly grab for these because I know how well they work together and easy it is to make myself look presentable.
So starting out with foundation I have the Bourjois 123 perfect foundation, which I have been loving recently I love the semi matte finish you get and it gives you enough coverage as well. For my concealer I have the ELF Maximum Coverage Concealer, I have had this for ages and have very nearly run out. It blends really easily and leaves a really nice finish on your skin once blended in. For bronzer and contour, I have been using my Solar Powder bronzer I explained this in my January Favourites but I use both the colours together for a general bronze and then just the darker colour for contour and it looks lovely and not too overdone, especially on days I decide not to contour with the darker foundation as well. Now something I have also been loving is contouring with a cream product, I have been using this Maybelline Fit Me foundation which my friend left behind ages ago. I use this as you would a bronzer and then often set it over the top with the powder depending how well contoured I want to be. Finally highlighter the KIKO Rock Attraction Blush in 01, which sadly they don't sell anymore.
So starting with brows, the MAC Fluidline Gel Browcreme, this is my new brow staple and I have completely converted from powder. Now to define my brows the MUA concealer stick, this really sculpts my brows and also covers any mistakes I may of made.
For eyeshadow I am using my trusty Painterly paint pot as a base, and then I have my MAC matte palette (post here). For eyeliner the L'Oreal Superliner and Collection kohl eyeliner. Finally for mascara my Miss Sporty Pump Up Mascara.

So there you have my February's makeup bag, what have you got in your makeup bag this month?



  1. Such a great idea to contour with a darker Foundation. Need to try this, too :)

    xx Enja

    1. it works so well, but don't go to dark! x

  2. I layer on far too much bronzer, its so addictive. I need to try your technique xx

    1. It works really well, makes it more natural and a lot easier to blend x


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