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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Beauty|| Rediscovered Products

If you have read the post I did on February's Makeup Bag then you would know that I am trying to mix up my makeup and use products which I wouldn't normally go for. Here are three things which I have rediscovered while doing this and now use daily.
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 355, after this was left sitting around on my dressing table for ages after my friend left it behind I thought that I might as well make use of it. I am a huge contouring fan but sometimes it can look like you just have a strip down the side of your face especially if you want to make it quite a dark contour. By using a dark foundation or concealer you can blend it really well, making it look so much more natural but you can also build it up without it looking unblended giving you a more professional finish. If you haven't already tried out this little trick then I really recommend it.
MUA Hide and Conceal Natural, I am really not a fan of these stick type concealers, I just cant get them to work for me. I find them often not creamy enough to blend and can look quite cakey but I have now used this to define my brows and sculpt them out. I don't like using my other concealers for this because I don't find them easy to work with, they are too runny and creamy and once this one is applied to the skin it does go into a more creamy texture and you can blend it out, its just not as good for under the eyes. So this is the perfect job for this product.
The Real Techniques Accent Brush, comes in the Starter Set and I thought it was just one of those brushes which I wouldn't get much use out of, but this is what I use to define and sculpt my brows. Its just the right size to apply the concealer under my brow and is small enough to be able to keep control and make sure my brows are the perfect shape.

What products have you rediscovered recently?


  1. that real techniques brush sounds like it comes in so handy. ive been considering buying their starter pack for a while now. id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. It's the one brush I didn't think I would use but it turns out to be so useful x

  2. Illamasqua always say to use a dark foundation but the idea terrifies me. Maybe I need to take a risk on it!

    Sammy xo.

    1. It works so well, just don't go to crazy and remember less is more xx

  3. I love remembering how much I loved a product, it's like buying something new all over again. I'd love to be able to contour properly and i've always wanted a proper lesson on it because done right it can look incredible!

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I might do a post on contouring soon, I'm in no way a professional or anything but I have found a way which I find easier than most! x


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