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Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Favourites

 Well you guessed it, todays post is my January favourites. And as everyone seems to be saying January has gone ridiculously fast, and now we are on our way to my birthday... the countdown has begun! To be honest January wasn't the start of the year I was originally hoping for, but things have got to get worse before they can get better.

 So starting with makeup, my perfect eyebrow combination has been my MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme applied with my Louise Young LY31 brush and then my ELF Brow Comb. Leave me a comment below if you want a brow routine but I find that after a bit of practice I can actually make my brows look more natural and gradient like when I use this gel, I reviews the Brow Gelcreme here. All month I have been using my new Solar Powder Bronzer, review here. I swirl my brush in it for a general bronze and then for my contour I use just the darker colour, this makes it so much more natural because the contour colour blends perfectly with the colour I used to bronze. The Miss Sporty Pump Booster Mascara was given to me by one of my friends, as a little surprise. It has a massive brush, which loads of people don't like but its gives you so much volume so quickly. This saves me so much time in the mornings, I don't even feel like I need my eyeliner I can just put a couple of coats of this on and my lashes look so voluminous and stand out enough. This Collection Eyeliner I can't find anywhere on the website, but I have been using this a lot in my top waterline especially when I have been just using my mascara. The MUA Concealer Stick I have been using to define my brows, it doesn't do too well at concealing under eyes because I find it a bit too thick and not as easy to blend under my eyes but to define and sculpt my brows its perfect. If I want a more defined contour I use this foundation which my friend left at my house, and I have had sitting around for ages. I find contouring with cream products so easy and makes it look really natural and then its easy to build up to a more defined contour with powder over the top.
This Nivea Soft moisturiser is my new favourite, I have two massive tubs of it just in case I run out which I'm sure will be no time soon. It's quite thick but adds so much moisture back into your skin, I use it on my face but you can use it on all of your body I think. Trevor Sorbie has always been a brand I love for hair care, especially the frizz free range. This Smoothing Spray is so convenient and has such a lovely smell as well, you spray it on damp hair and as it dries help to smooth it even if I use a hair dryer which often causes me so much frizz.
Lastly my power block, I have a post coming on this very soon but I love this and have had so much use out of it this month. Once its fully charged it lasts for ages, and charges my phone really well. It also wasn't too expensive compared to what they are normally priced at. I love the champagne colour as well.
What have you been loving this month?

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  1. Lovely picks, I'm obsessed with Nivea moisturisers! x

    1. Thank you, since getting it I have been using it so much xx

  2. I really like your blog and the design of it:)

    xx Enja

  3. Love Elf products xx

    Abi | - Don't forget to check out my giveaway

  4. Love the notebook! I think that charger is such a good idea, I've had so many times where I'm out or staying somewhere and my phone is about to die!

    1. The charger is literally my lifesaver, I take it everywhere and the charge lasts for ages xx

  5. Love your blog! Tagged you in the beauty scenario tag, you can find the questions here:

    just answer the questions and tag someone else to carry on the chain :) sorry if youve already done it xx


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