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Monday, 16 February 2015

Birthday Wishlist

It's that time of year again, yep my birthday and I am super excited. Although with everything that has being going on recently it has been slightly pushed to that back of our minds. But never the less I have a wishlist for you, I actually found it quite tricky because its not something I had really thought about and to be honest haven't actually officially asked for anything. So we will just see what happens!
As always Zoeva, ahh there brushes are just incredible I really need to bite the bullet and purchase this for myself. It has been on so many of my wishlists I think its time I just bought it myself. I know there has been lots of releases after this brush set, but the rose gold is just so lovely although I wouldn't know whether I should get the set shown or the eye set.

Headphones, are something which I can never decide on I do love having the in ear ones although I am constantly loosing them and they just seem to disappear. I find it much comfier to wear the over the head headphones and I stumbled across these the other day and thought that they looked so nice, clean and classy.

I have had my eye on this notebook, it says 'Lets Blog Some Shit' on the front of it, which applies to me obviously as I am a blogger. But I am also a stationery fiend and love having loads of notebooks so this seems the perfect thing for me.

A razor seems like a bit of an add thing to ask for, but this is one of those wet or dry ones and it just seems so handy.

Soft Box Lights, again something for my blog. I would love to have one or a couple for my photos. They do seem a bit over the top but would be super useful for taking photos on those more dull days.

Business Cards, again another blog related thing. Its another thing I have been meaning to get for ages for my blog but haven't. I love the ones which are like instagram ones.

As a lover quotes I really want some to decorate my room, either on canvases, postcards, framed or like that hard card so I can display them. I like this 'More Issues than Vogue' one but I found so many. I might do a wishlist specifically for them.

17th birthday means I can now learn to drive so of course I would love to be able to have some lessons so I can learn, who wouldn't?!

Lastly a bit of an over optimistic one is that I would love two guinea pigs, never going to happen but you can wish.

So there you have it, my birthday wishlist. As always I don't expect to get all of these things at all, these are just things which I have been wanting for a while. What's been on your wishlist recently?


  1. I got the zoeva rose gold brushes for christmas and absolutely adore them, they wash so well too!
    I've wanted a pair of soft box lights for quite a while now myself, they make the quality of images and videos much better.
    Guinea pigs have been a recent obsession of mine too, just too cute!
    I basically have similar interests to yourself and I hope you get what you want :)
    I'm new to your channel and will definitely be following on bloglovin', feel free to check out my blog if you'd like. It's :)

    1. I really need to get my hands on them! I know even one light would be useful for those days when there isn't quite enough natural light. Aww thank you xx

  2. I love those headphones! The gold detail definitely adds a touch of elegance and glam!
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  3. Headphones are so much nicer than earphones! Those headphones in particular are so sleek and beautiful! I hope you get Guinea Pigs! That would be brilliant! I wish I'd have taken my lessons at 17, good luck with them if you do get some! Have a great birthday,

    1. Thank you, I know hopefully I won't be too much of a crazy driver.. xx

  4. I'm also lusting over the Zoeva brushes - anything rose gold is a win for me! I love the notebook too - need to get my hands on that!

    Beth / Bethany Georgina | UK Lifestyle Blog


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