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Monday, 23 February 2015

Beauty|| Lush Honey Bee

 After I had taken all the photos for my Lush Haul I was so excited to jump in the bath and try out one of the bath bombs. I picked out Honey Bee because I loved the smell so much and couldn't wait to give it a go.

Sorry the pictures of the bath bomb in the bath aren't all that great, it was quite tricky and wasn't ideal lighting conditions! 
Honey Bee has such a lovely smell and that was what originally drew me to this product, it doesn't smell to earthy which was something that I didn't like all that much. It smells sweet but also fresh, so not sickly sweet. I am so bad at describing scents, just if you happen to walk past a lush go in and have a quick sniff and you will know exactly what I mean.
If you didn't already know Lush doesn't test anything on animals, or use products which come from companies who test on animals. Although I am aware that I do use some products which may of come from companies who test on animals, I do like to use products which aren't especially when its more of a luxury like bath bombs.
When its placed in the water it fizzes around a lot, like what you would expect from a bath bomb and turns your water a yellow colour. Once its in the water you can smell the scent a little more but its not at all overpowering, nicely sweet with a nice zesty side to it too. It made the water so soft and left my skin feeling amazing when I got out the bath.
My only criticism is that it did slightly leave a line around the top of where the water was, staining the side of my bath yellow. But if while your bath is running and the bath bomb is in it or when you get in the bath just wiping the side of the bath to remove this. Or like I did when you get out just washing it down and it comes off straight away.
I loved using this bath bomb and am looking forward to using the rest of my small but slowly growing collection.

Honey Bee £3.35

Have you tried this Honey Bee bath bomb? What's your favourite lush product?


  1. Ah I've always wanted to try this one, it looks lovely :) x

  2. I haven't tried this bomb yet, but it looks really nice! want it x
    xx, marinasirmais

  3. Great review! Sounds amazing :D it looks good too, I may need to purchase :)


  4. Honey Bee is one of my favourites :) I don't think I've ever came across anything in Lush I didn't like the smell of but this is definitely one of the nicer ones!

    Emma xx


    1. I agree, I love them all but this is one of my favourites xx


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