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Thursday, 26 February 2015


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So the day has come, ITS MY BIRTHDAY! There's not an awful lot I can say in this post, except I am now finally 17. I can legally learn to drive, and that's about it for turning seventeen- nothing new with what I'm legally allowed to do.

As a birthday treat from myself, to myself I bought myself the MAC Diva lipstick which is nothing short of incredible, in fact i'm wearing it right now as I type this. No makeup on just my lipstick- you can imagine how great I look.

Right so looking back on a post I wrote a year ago, saying some things which I wanted to do in a year. The first one was to grow my nails, and although I haven't achieved that at this current moment in the year but I did grow them for a bit then it went a bit downhill from there. Secondly I think that I am more adventitious about what I wear- I could probably work on this a bit more. But I have started wearing more of what I want rather what the trend is. Thirdly I feel like my blogging skills have improved, thats kinda up to you guys to decide though. Fourthly my confidence has improved loads but there is probably lots more to be improved on there. I have tried to improve my diet, but it needs a lot more work! And saying yes to things, I have. I'm taking every oppurtunity which I get and trying loads of new things. I can confidently say that I completed the next one of getting good grades, I was super proud of my GCSE's for me they were so much better than what I expected. Sadly I have failed on the more pets one, but I still have my dog who is fab.

Just a quick post today, sorry!


  1. Happy Birthday, darling! Have a lovely, lovely day! xx

  2. Happy Birthday! xx i liked this post, don't be sorry :)
    xx, marinasirmais

  3. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day :)

    Sarah | Sarahanne14

  4. I love reflections on old posts on goals. It makes me feel like I have done something. Happy belated birthday!


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