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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Travel|| Loving Life in Bangkok

 Wishing I was back in Thailand right now, and looking through all of these photos has brought back all of the amazing memories and experiences. Another travel post was long overdue, sorry there has been such a long break. I have so many different types of travel posts planned, I just need to organise them and get them up. Above is a picture of pomegranates and the pomegranate juice which was so yummy.

 We are a very foodie family, as a family we enjoy food and love trying new things. I am happy to try about anything going obviously my mum's influences wearing off on me there. The street food in Thailand is incredible, and not something that can be missed. As a general rule, go to somewhere that there are lots of locals eating- the food will be top notch and the prices will be crazy cheap. I was originally a bit concerned about getting ill but none of my family or the friends we went with got ill and we were speaking to friends who lived out there and they said they had never got ill from street food, so the majority of it is perfectly safe. The only thing is to watch out is water, make sure you buy bottles and only drink ice which has the  hole in it, this means that it has been made in a factory so is safe and not made from dirty water.
We are still in Bangkok at this point, which although is a built up city you can still find little pathways along the canals and catch the local river taxi which is so much fun, although it waits for nobody and you just have to leap on and clamber off as quickly off before its off down the river. We didn't realise these were available till a couple of days in and to start with we used the tourists boats but these aren't nearly as fun.
We saw Jim Thompson's house and learnt all about how they made silk, and walked around some of the ally ways to find some of the families who still made silk. And even though they couldn't speak english and our thai consisted of three words we got by.
I love walking around by the river, out of the built up city image and seeing the houses and set up of some of the poorer Thai's, everybody seemed so content and happy. Something that we lack in England, these people lived with so much less than us and yet they were so happy and were loving life. Something that I think we could learn from.

What's the most inspiring country you have been to?


  1. ahhh this makes me miss Thailand so much - there is really no where in the world like it! Hope you had a wicked time x

    1. I really miss it and have loads more posts to come xx


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