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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Blogmas Day 2 || Gift Guide for Girls

Quick side note to begin, why can't I make wishlist photos look pretty- if anyone has any suggestions on how to make nice wishlists I would love to know them! Anyway blogmas day 2 is here, I am getting more and more excited for Christmas and getting a little bit too keen with all the possible catagories of gift guides I could possibly put together- promise there will be other types of posts coming too. So today I am covering girls, I have tried to incorporate a variety of things so there should be something for everyone.
There was so many things which I could of included in this post, and I know for sure I missed out some items now I'm writing this but these are a few top picks but I may share some gift ideas on my twitter too @oisforottilie, so don't miss them either.
Wall prints are a big thing, I sometimes wish I didn't have a round room so that I could completely cover a wall in them. Coconut Lane have an amazing selection of prints, this Stay Classy quote is one of my favourites however I also love When In Doubt, Tan and Pout. The lovely people at Coconut Lane have offered you guys 20% off everything with the code ottilie20 so make good use of it! A nice pair of headphones, Skinny Dip do some really cute ones and I love these ones with the little bee on them. Keeping with the tech theme, you can't go wrong with an IPhone case, Coconut Lane do some really cute ones especially this gold mirrored effect one, check them out- and with that ottilie20 code what's to loose? These Oliver Bonas makeup bags are fab, I love personalised items and with the cute letter on the front and are available in different sizes. Coconut Lane also do a range of beauty jewelry with this moon and star necklace, as well as these really cute nail bangles. For something a bit more luxurious, a Kate Spade purse or this Michael Kors card holder. And really really luxurious would be a Michael Kors bag, I have really got into designer bags and have been lusting after so many and this small one is perfect for everyday. There is going to be a full on beauty lovers gift guide coming, because there is just so many things I could include, but for someone who maybe isn't makeup obsessed is a Benefit Set, they have a huge range and are all amazing. I love getting them, and getting to try a range of products or having a full look all in one place.
I feel like I've forgotten so much, I am so tempted to do another post because so much is missing but because I can't make the wishlist pictures look nice its a real struggle #bloggerproblems.
Remember my one stop shop for all the girls in my life is Coconut Lane, you need to check it out! Remember the code is ottilie20, make as much use of that discount as you can and let me know what you buy.


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