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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Blogmas Day 9 || Love it, Layer It Eyelure 11 Texture Lashes

The Christmas Party Season is the perfect time for lashes, although I do not wear fake lashes everyday I do love them and am never without a swipe of mascara at least. These Eyelure Texture lashes are a new discovery of mine, and now being the perfect time to try something new or discover you new favourite I thought I would share them with you.

The Eyelure Texture 117 Love it Layer It Set contains a pair of lashes, along with two sets of corner lashes giving you the option to create masses of volume to your outer corner. Or for any lash newbies you could choose to wear the corner lashes alone, for a more natural and manageable enhanced outer lashes look. Described as a long angled lash with a twisty messed up finish, these add a lot of volume and texture to your lashes. Making them more natural still with a lot of impact- not at all spidery.
I love eyelure lashes because they come with a really thin band, making them so easy to apply and comfortable to wear. The lash glue they come with is also very impressive, making sure your lashes stay well and truly stuck. With the slightly more messy, less put together look I love the way they finish of an eye look. Nobody's lashes are perfect and all exactly the same size, pointing the same way so this really does the trick off giving your lashes some oomph while not looking overly fake.
These are going to get so much wear over the Christmas season, and I will continue to buy them as they are currently my go to lashes.


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