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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Blogmas Day 6 || The Wanderlust Wardrobe Challenge

I have been challenged to do the Wanderlust Wardrobe Challenge by Betabrand, who are creating the most comfortable, yet functional outfits for traveling. Check out their women's pants for any of you that might be traveling during the holidays. . As many of you will know I recently went on a  trip to New York, so I am going to share with you what I chose to wear on the flight both there and back. I never really realised how much thought I had put into this but it turns out, I actually did think through each piece very carefully.

Now everyone knows when your tricky for space, wear your biggest items. So for shoes my Nike trainers were the obvious choice as they were by far the bulkiest, also very practical for whatever weather I faced at either end. Quick side note also, you could end up walking a substantial distance around the airport so pick wisely.

For the exact same reason  as above my coat had to either be worn or carried, this is one from Zara from perhaps two years ago. I actually ended up carrying this because I was wearing this massive chunky knit cardigan, because it was also very bulky and I wanted something to snuggle up in the eight hour flight I had ahead of me. This was also great because I find that the temperature on planes can vary a lot throughout the flight, so I was able to take this off but still use it like a blanket when I got slightly cooler. I also wore this scarf for a bit of extra warmth, and as something to use as a pillow/blanket as its huge and super snuggly.

As I literally live in stripes, this three quarter length striped top was an easy choice for me. Not particular travel benefit, except its super comfy and as well as wearing very practical clothes, I did also want to make a bit of effort and look nice. For trousers I wore these loose, jogger type trousers. They are actually quite thin material, but are super comfy and to be sitting in for hours, nobody wants to be wearing skinny jeans.

I hope this is useful for any of your travelling this Christmas? What's your go to airport outfit?

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