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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Blogmas Day 8 || The Burgundy Eyeshadow Duo

I am loving all the Winter shades, I spoke about my favourite Winter Lip Picks yesterday and these are a eyeshadow duo which I am loving and have been reaching for the whole time. I spoke about both of these shadows in my burgundy shadows post, if you want to see some more of this perfect autumn shade check those out.

The KIKO Long Lasting Shadow Stick 37 is so creamy and blendable, with incredible buildable pigmentation. I apply this directly to the lid and blend it out really thinly, and well and then go in with more to build up the intensity. This does set and once its set it doesn't tend to budge. And I just love the colour of this shadow stick, and just how well it lasts. I pair this with the Topshop Eyeshadow in Explorer over the top, which makes it easier to make a really smooth blended edge as this is powder, it also adds a lovely finish to the shadow stick without changing the shade too much. I know it seems silly to have two nearly exactly the same things however it gives a much more polished finished look, and I find that if you don't want to pack powders onto your lids then a light dusting of the Topshop shadow is the perfect finish!
What's your favourite autumnal eyeshadow pair?


  1. I so need to try the shadow sticks. I don't ever hear bad things about them!
    Coleoftheball xx

  2. That Kiko shadow stick is GORGEOUS. I wish they were easier to get in the states, I'd be all over them. That would look amazing with KVD Raw Power.

    brooke | brooke elise

  3. Love love love this eye shadow stick! It's so wearable, especially at this time of year x

    Martha Jane |

  4. The eyeshadow stick is such a pretty shade, I still haven't purchased any Kiko products yet. I might have to get that shade though.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

  5. I love KIKO eyeshadow sticks, I think I may have 37 somewhere, will definitely dig it out and see as this looks gorgeous and perfect for winter :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  6. I love burgundy shades in clothing, but for some reason I stray away when it's makeup. I have heard some good things about KIKO though, so maybe I should have a look in my local store and see if 2016 is the year to try out burgundy eyeshadow - suppose it'd make my green eyes stand out...

    1. It would look amazing with green eyes! You should give it a go, its not as scary as it seems! xx


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