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Friday, 25 December 2015

Happy Christmas & A Little Ramble

Happy Christmas! I hope you all have an absolutely amazing day, although I may of failed at blogmas I hope you enjoyed the few posts which I did manage to post and the rest which I randomly posted on other days. Don't worry I have scheduled posts while I'm away for Christmas, and once we are back I should have loads more content to post and into the New Year I am working on lots of new and exciting plans.

My favourite part of Christmas, is just the general atmosphere with my family and all the excitement. Last year I didn't really have a traditional Christmas, although it was amazing as I was in Thailand they don't really celebrate Christmas and it was just overall a very odd but amazing experience. I probably most excited about a traditional Christmas Lunch, although I'm not a huge fan of turkey- lets be honest who is? I'm excited about everything that goes with it, and all the Christmas TV Specials like Call the Midwife which is something else I am looking forward to this Christmas, although when your reading this that may of already happened.

Anyway I just love Christmas, I don't really know what I'm rambling on about here. I hope you all have an amazing day, and remember to check back very soon for all my new posts!


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