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Saturday, 19 December 2015

So I Failed At Blogmas & Tips On How To Succeed

This year I was even more set than last, I had every post planned and every title written. However life got busy, the weather got bad and I ended up running out of time and fresh content to post. I do feel like I've completely failed, as I set myself up for it to be so good this year. However I've realised that I expected way too much for myself, and set standards way too high and although targets and ambitions are great, and I believe that if you are determined enough you can do just about anything.
Too anybody who daily blogs I have so much respect for you, and for any of you thinking about it here are some tips and tricks which I have realised from a success blogmas last year, and a rather unsuccessful blogmas this year.
1. Plan well ahead, plan the posts and ideas for the photos and get content written whenever you have an opportunity.
2. Get ahead, don't just write the post for the next day, write as many as you can. If something happens and you don't have enough time, or you decide you want to go out or make some kind of spontaneous plan you know your not going to miss a post. It also prevents of seeing blogging less like a hobby and more like a chore, because you have to do it everyday. This way you can do a massive blogging sesh and really enjoy it and then not worry for the next few days.
3. Take photos in bulk, you literally have no idea when the next opportunity will arise especially with it being winter. This is a huge part of the reason which I failed, I had no posts to post and everyday was dark and grey so I couldn't get any photos done.
4. Don't be unrealistic, if you don't think you can manage it don't set yourself up to fail. Maybe do something different, like every post is Christmas related or you do a couple of extra posts a week with a Christmas theme. Don't set yourself up to fail, and you'll feel a great achievement at the end. Especially as Christmas is the time of year which you want to spend with friends and family, not sat up in your room on your laptop the whole time.

So basically if you want to do blogmas, plan ahead, do everything when you get the opportunity to do it and don't set targets too high. I love blogging so much, however I hate it when it starts to stress me out- it really is a hobby for me, I don't make a penny and therefore I think its very important that I enjoy it.

So I'm back. maybe not with blogmas- but back to blogging with loads of new and exciting posts!


  1. Last year I decided to take December off from blogging. This year, I decided that each post in December would be Christmas themed. A though I haven't completely succeeded with this, it has only been because something topical has come up that I really wanted to write about, so I'm not going to give myself a hard time over it. I decided earlier this month that I would do blogmas next year. Because I live with a number of chronic illnesses, I have planned to write all my December posts during 2016 & have them all scheduled & ready to go up. I'm hoping to have this all done so I can take December off blogging entirely, though it may not quite work out that way. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. Such a good idea, I hope it all works out for you xx

  2. I have loved blogmas! I started two days late for work reasons but have followed through with it and wanting to blog more in the new year now because of it! You haven't failed, you gave it a good go and you should be proud of that! Xx

    1. I enjoyed it so much last year, next year I will be more prepared than ever though to make sure I complete it! xx

  3. I was the same this year, but working full time takes it out of me:( my goal in 2016 is to be a better blogger!x


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